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For us, working with a raw material such as natural stone requires a perfect knowledge of this material along with technical prowess. But what really makes a difference is the passion craftspeople have for their work.

Each piece of crafted work must be considered as unique. This requires us to apply all our stone expertise to obtain products of the highest standard and satisfy our clients.

Our know-how has been built up over time, and still continues to be developed, through training, experience and the transmission of acquired knowledge.

In a world where globalisation and competition are rewriting the rules, stone expertise is Euromarble’s tour de force. Being awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV - Living Heritage Company) label by the French government has further strengthened our reputation. This label was created to credit French companies with high-standard craftsmanship and industrial expertise.              
This is why we endeavour to share our passion and foster our expertise by participating in various campaigns that promote natural stone, and regularly organising technical visits and open days at our sites.

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